requests + contributions

SUMMA aims for maximum  participation. The project is designed fro those interested in music and other artistic disciplines covered in the archive, for students who want to use it for their research, for the musicians, poets and artists themselves, who can use the archive as a tool to share their work, and finally for the people or entities who wish to participate by making requests or providing new recordings.

Our intention is to gradually keep adding to the archive  videos taken from the existing video collection. Anyone can make requests, which we will take into account as we select videos to add to the archive in the future.

We also want to expand the archive with other recordings from organizations and individuals, perhaps the artists themselves, who would like to generously contribute their audiovisual recordings. These additions will enrich the archive with other cultural and artistic events that complement the documentation of the Barcelona and Catalonia scene.


The SUMMA archive works collaboratively, for the addition of audiovisual materials, with the independent label G3G Records of Barcelona, the independent entity dedicated to contemporary poetic practices, electronic arts festival Nits Digitals in Vic and multidisciplinary festival A Part in Girona, among others.


All Summa materials are available via streaming for educational and non-commercial uses. All rights reserved by the authors.

To make requests, contributions or inquiries, the contact email is